So there seems to be this new app designed by glasses.com (TRY ON 3D!) which lets you try on any eyeglass and sunglasses frame before you purchase it. We do follow and support all innovative technology that just makes that shopping more easy! We do understand that our clients have very limited time to shop, search, try on, browse in this new era! We just don’t have this time! This new app lets you try on anything you would like and basically shop online from the comfort of your couch or computer chair. In my case my bed :)……Try on some shades today and shop at NYCoptics.com and save up to 40% from our competitors. With new styles being released daily we promise to bring you an easy shopping experience and on top of that a fun one!!!!!!!!!!

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2013 Sunglasses Trends Are All About Making That Statement!

Many sunglasses purchases start with a simple question: aviators or wayfarers? Don’t get us wrong, it makes sense to start out with the classics. But how many of us are tuned in to the world of statement sunnies that provide that little extra pep in your step and a serious focal point for your entire look? If you’ve yet to test the waters of outstanding color and shape, here’s a perfect way to see what you’ve been missing. These runway glasses are high on style and attitude.



This season its all about the flashy and definitely a statement look! Some of the hottest brands to look for are Rayban, Celine, Dita, MiuMiu and Lafont! Browse our catalog for the most up to date trends and styles you can get all at a phenomenal discounted price!



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The latest styles and your favorite shades from the Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses Collection 2013

Just when you though a brand has hit a limit with its creativity and innovative designs; Dolce Gabbana steps in and comes out with the new 2013 collection of Sunglasses sweeping this years most unique releases in the eye wear business. Indulge in the new collection by Dolce Gabbana at www.NYCoptics.com, your leader in the most up to date sunglasses and eyeglasses available.








What do you think about the latest designs from one of the top brands in the industry. Is this too much or is this just something that would perfect your eyewear collection this year?

Share our posts and leave your feedback for ideas for our future announcements!

Only at www.NYCoptics.com

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Celine is flying off the shelves! March 2013

As soon as Celine came out it was a company for the trendy and fashion conscious market, but now it has made its way to the so called hipster crowd and everyone is wearing it from your grandmother to the top celebrities in Hollywood. Check out the new celine line for 2013 and get with the trending fashion

Celine 41804

NeNe Leakes’ Black Celine Square Frame Eyeglasses on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”

This week on “Real Housewives of Atlanta“ NeNe met up with her bestie Cynthia for drinks in a loose-fitting gray tee, black skinny pants, and the $330 Celine Eyeglasses in matte black.  NeNe’s lightweight readers feature square frames, clear lenses, and ebony temples featuring the brand’s silver-toned logo.


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Our predictions for the year at hand

With 2013 well on its way, all of the hottest and best designers have been parading their upcoming fashions down the runways of Paris, Milan and New York for the past few months. Beyond the typical clothing and shoes, sunglasses are always one of the most popular items on the runways. Most everyone wears sunglasses, and they are much beloved because they are such a great accessory to sport. Sunglasses can be an amazing way to add a bit of fun and color into a wardrobe, style, or to just simply show a pop of personality in everyday life. While there are some out there who are sunglasses addicts, buying a particular brand or style as their signature look, others will operate with many pairs of sunglasses, and always look forward to the start of a new design season for the next look or trend. As sunglasses certainly are an extension of our own personality and fashion beliefs, for many in the fashion world it is quite important to know what is going on. Here are the top predicted sales of 2013 from our fashionistas!

Marc Jacobs 369 Sunglasses

This curvy and bizarre shaped frame will be the icing on your outfit this year no one will turn away from!

Versace 2132 Sunglasses

Eye wear presents an exciting way to change your style in the New Year without having to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a twist on the classics or are looking to make a statement, 2013’s frames are key pieces to add to your style mix.

Celine 41800 Sunglasses

The cat eye has been reinterpreted for a new generation of glasses wearers for 2013 with streamlined shapes and patterns. Now this frame looks like the cat eye on steroids! Will make you stand out in any crowd!


2013 is here and so are the bizarre styles

Happy New Year to all of our customers and eye wear enthusiasts. We are finally done with 2012 and have survived some interesting events;both sad and happy. For 2013 we would like to encourage all of you to stay original and just try something new. Who knows, maybe someone out there will see you and you will be the one starting the new trends. Look at these trend setters and just imagine everyone rocking some of these wacky styles at www.nycoptics.com

Some of the crazy frames come from the well know names such as Just Cavalli, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Fendi, Prada and Tory Burch!

burberry fendi gucci just cavalli prada tory burch versace

Keep styling those sunglasses! Welcome 2013 with a new and bold statement!

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2013 is around the corner and something you have never seen is coming to a mall near you!

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses vending machines are coming soon to a mall near you. JINS the Japanese retailer is set to launch their own eyeglasses and sunglasses vending machines in 50 locations including Tokyo’s Airport at www.nycoptics.com.


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Kim Kardashian Sunglasses

Since Kim Kardashian has been exploited all over the tabloids for being the queen of style, we have decided to dedicate a blog to her unique eyewear choices. If you do follow the celebrity trends you can now find out exactly what she was wearing and when.

So it comes as no surprise that Kim had to join the club of Celebs wearing this strange style from Prada SPR18I. It’s possible that after Wayfarers and aviators, this is the most worn style around at Nycoptics.com

Kim Kardashian out and about Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian and her rollers are rocking out in Tom Ford shades. The Margaux TF40 style is still a nice classy look from the Tom Ford collection. It’s a steel frame that runs flat across the front and connects to the signature rounded Tom Ford temples at Nycoptics.com.


This is one of those styles that looks better on a celeb than they really do on the rest of us. They’re basically just a rimless, aviator shield look with a Gucci G 1873 on the temple Nycoptics.com.


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The Tiffany Experience Through Eyewear

Tiffany & Co. are known across the globe for their diamonds and jewellery and eyewear. Tiffany’s diamonds are considered to be a possession and so is the case with the designer sunglasses the company manufactures. The sunglasses manufactured by the designer brand are crafted with the same craft and discretion as its jewelry. These sunglasses are elegant, sophisticated, classy, graceful and divine. Every frame is crafted in the same manner as a piece of jewellery at NYCoptics.com.

Tiffany 3024B is Sport Wraparound style Unisex Sunglasses design. These Sunglasses are comfortable to wear in addition to being fashionable.

Yes, of course, you can compare prices and read reviews on Tiffany Sunglasses TIF 4056A BLACK 80553C  TIF4056 buy best price.

Tiffany designs are elegant with added elements of jewellery such as charms, signature key or rhinestones. Almost every model has signature Tiffany blue color or has the Tiffany accent, often combined with black. Glasses are made to appeal to wealthy, jewellery lovers who like sparkle and highly decorated designs as most frames have a swarovsky or actual diamond touch. Either way, Tiffany eyewear is a statement, an attention grabber and instant sign of beauty devotion by its wearer at NYCoptics.com

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Fall Tiffany Fashion

Fashion Blog October Must Have Sunnies

Ever since beginning of the year it was clear that 2012 biggest eyewear trend will be perfectly round sunglasses. Premium designers such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Dior, Boss and others have really brought the round shape to the new level this year and mid market designers have just overloaded their collections with it.

What is most interesting is that people seem to finally gotten it. Tom Ford sunglasses collection have always had several perfectly round shapes, but only few public people were publicly wearing it. This year, question is who is not wearing it.

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