Our predictions for the year at hand

With 2013 well on its way, all of the hottest and best designers have been parading their upcoming fashions down the runways of Paris, Milan and New York for the past few months. Beyond the typical clothing and shoes, sunglasses are always one of the most popular items on the runways. Most everyone wears sunglasses, and they are much beloved because they are such a great accessory to sport. Sunglasses can be an amazing way to add a bit of fun and color into a wardrobe, style, or to just simply show a pop of personality in everyday life. While there are some out there who are sunglasses addicts, buying a particular brand or style as their signature look, others will operate with many pairs of sunglasses, and always look forward to the start of a new design season for the next look or trend. As sunglasses certainly are an extension of our own personality and fashion beliefs, for many in the fashion world it is quite important to know what is going on. Here are the top predicted sales of 2013 from our fashionistas!

Marc Jacobs 369 Sunglasses

This curvy and bizarre shaped frame will be the icing on your outfit this year no one will turn away from!

Versace 2132 Sunglasses

Eye wear presents an exciting way to change your style in the New Year without having to completely overhaul your entire wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a twist on the classics or are looking to make a statement, 2013’s frames are key pieces to add to your style mix.

Celine 41800 Sunglasses

The cat eye has been reinterpreted for a new generation of glasses wearers for 2013 with streamlined shapes and patterns. Now this frame looks like the cat eye on steroids! Will make you stand out in any crowd!


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